News stories or press releases about Al are typically illustrated with stock photos of shiny gendered robots, glowing blue brains or the Terminator. We think this is harmful; it sets unrealistic expectations, it hinders wider understanding of the technology and potentially sows fear. Ultimately this affects public understanding and critical discourse around this increasingly influential technology. We think there could be better, less clichéd, more accurate and more representative images and media for this technology.

A screenshot of a Google image search for "Artificial Intelligence" showing a wall of blue images

The Project

This blog runs alongside the Better Images of AI Project which is launching Autumn 2021. It is a collaboration between BBC R&D, We and AI, and several independent researchers and academics including Creative Technologist Alexa Steinbrück, AI Researcher Buse Çetin, Research Software Engineer Yadira Sanchez Benitez, Merve Hickok and Angela Kim.

We are building and commissioning an image repository of more inclusive and representative images of AI. This involves bringing together the creative and technology industries to reframe how we visually communicate and conceptualise AI. 

This is an open project which aims to showcase all methods of reimagining visual depictions of AI products, applications, concepts, and use. We invite collaboration and input globally from anyone working in relevant or adjacent fields. Get in touch!

The greater the diversity of imaginations, the more we can replace damaging or misleading images with more realistic and helpful ones. Let’s help increase our understanding of technology and our relationships with it, leading to a more human centred future.

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